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Looking to buy affkit to power up your affiliate marketing?

Here awe are going to write a complete review about the tools. What’s in for you, how can you make your affiliate life simpler by using these tools and how to use them.

This affkit review of 100% honest an in-depth to make you understand more about the products.

Apart from writing this review, we are giving away $1000+ worth bonus items which you can use to further boost your business at many levels.

Affkit Review 2017: $1000+ Bonus and In-depth Review

Have you ever toyed with the idea of breaking all boundaries and seeing yourself in some kind of Forbes or Huffpost list saying “Top 10 Global Affiliate Marketers”?

Not sure about you, but I sure have. And time and again, I’ve come across tools and platforms claiming to get me there, all I’ve got to do is “buy their service.” So sorry if I’m a bit skeptical about trusting those ‘king-makers’ right away.

Why am I telling you this? Simply because today I’m on the other side of the wall, and I’m here with such a tool for you, a tool I didn’t believe was any good (just like most of them!), but in my 30 initial seconds on the dashboard, my thoughts had an 180 degree U-turn.

The tool I’m talking about is AffKit! And chances are you haven’t heard of it yet but soon will, because they’re going to be publicly launched in less than 24 hours, and when it happens, trust me you’d want to be in the first row seats to grab it.

Well nope, I’m not here to tell you “Go buy this awesome tool!” Instead, what I’ll do is, I’ll tell you don’t go and buy it right away, instead go through this piece, get a live demonstration of what it’s capable, and if by then you aren’t absolutely punching your laptops for not grabbing it, I’ll take my words back.

What is AffKit?

Isn’t the name self-explanatory? Aff-Affiliate Kit. Simple as that! Now you might have come across hundreds of such kits, but trust me when I say this is the “ultimate” thing you’ve ever seen, or will ever need.

It has as many as 21 different weapons (features) in its arsenal to drive your competition to the ground!

I get it, that sounds so damn cheesy! So here’s something to back my  story up:-

So AffKit is a super compilation of tools and platforms which make the lives of every Affiliate Marketer on the planet easier, and “richer”!

The “better” news is that, it’s primarily a “script-based” platform, so all the features are easy to implement (as easy as copy-pasting the script!) and you don’t ever have to get your hands dirty with the codes!

And the above snapshot is just the tip of the iceberg as far as features and power-packs from AffKit are concerned.

Tools and Features AffKit Offers:-

I believe if I’m asking you to trust what I’m saying, I need to walk my talk and in order to do that, here I am giving you the most detailed, in-depth review of features you’ll be crossing paths with on AffKit.

I’m offering you 100% transparency, if that’s not being honest, I don’t know what is.

Image Finder:-

We as affiliate marketers need highly relevant as well as eye-grasping images for our reviews, ads, and blog posts, and being honest I spend 20-30% of my time searching for them.

With Image Finder from AffKit, it’s like I can create twelve different versions of “me,” and they help me search for the images I’m looking for.

In simpler terms, AffKit Image Finder is like an advanced “images” search engine of search engines, because it lets me search for images at 12 different search engines/ Image directories, and in addition to that is capable of even bringing up images which might not have appeared on search engines generally!

You can even search for multiple Images, or multiple keywords at the same time in different windows!

Mobile Detection:-

Normally tech like this costs a fortune, but not with AffKit!

Mobile detection is basically an advanced script which lets you detect certain features of the mobile phone device which is browsing your page or website.

It can detect:-

  • Mobile Phone Brand.
  • The cell phone operating system.
  • The browser.

The above details are the goldmine for any Affiliate Marketer, and if you’re still confused about how to use the them to your advantage, probably you should consider a different profession.

Banner Tweaker:-

I’ve personally paid over $500 just for “banner optimization.” A certain company or guy out there claims they can increase my CTR, and I pay them, well I’m not saying it doesn’t work.

What I’m saying is, you get that feature with AffKit for free, and your wallet stays safe!

Banner Tweaker is an advanced image optimizer which uses scientifically proven optimization techniques to increase your CTR!

Here’s what it offers:-

  • Easy Interface: – Drag and drop uploading!
  • 10 different optimizations!
  • Download image batch.


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could grab data of where a user is based off  when he’s on your page? That’s exactly what Geo-location does for you.

So basically you can pull information regarding the physical location of any user on your page instantly, simply by installing the simple script!

And that’s not all; you get to choose from 7 different location formats of your choice.

E-mail Integration:-

I don’t think I need to spell out the importance of Email marketing for Affiliate Marketers, do I? The only problem is, not all of us have a computer degree from Harvard.

So when it comes to integrating our e-mail lists with popups and e-mail capture snippets, it’s a nightmare.

Not anymore! AffKit offers you seamless integration of your E-mail list to the email capture popup on your website without having an iota of knowledge about HTML coding.

It offers you easy integration with:-

  • AWeber
  • Mailchimp

The two leading e-mail marketing platforms in the market.

And again, it’s extremely easy, and they provide step-by-step instructions with screenshots for every single step that there is.

Back-Button Redirect

This is by far one of the most innovating features I’ve come across with AffKit! I’m sure you’ve heard of “pogo-sticking”.

Whenever a user lands on your website, doesn’t find what he’s looking for, and hits the back button to go back to the search results, it’s called pogo-sticking.

And it’s a great negative SEO factor! Because then Google knows that your URL doesn’t provide what users look for, and you loose rankings.

Well, that’s where this feature comes in handy. You can apply a simple script to your website to make the “back button” not go back, but instead to some other page, you want.

This way it won’t affect your rankings, and you might redirect them to a page where you can offer them something else probably.

And the best part is, it doesn’t have to be a “one-page redirect,” meaning you can set multiple redirects as well.

Exit Intent Popup:-

This is something which received huge applause and appreciation from Affiliate and Digital marketers when it broke out of its eggshell couple years back.

In case you don’t know what it is, it’s the process of recapturing your “leaving visitors,” visitors who try to close the page or move to some other page can be recaptured by offering amazing deals and give-aways! And that’s where this AffKit feature fits right in.

You get an extremely customizable “exit intent” popup creator; it lets you:-

  • Design the popup as you wish with colors and borders, text and everything else!
  • Decide the amount of time after which you want to popup to pop up.
  • Other advanced features; have a look for yourselves:-

Dynamic Elements:-


Consider it to be the “overall page optimizer.” Just like there was the banner optimizer, this one takes care of more than just the banners.

It adds animations and effects to your overall page to make it look more professional and conversion-optimized!

Here’s what you get with it:-

  • Effects
  • 22 Animations! (Bounce Up/ down, swing, shake, pulse and a lot more!)
  • As many as four different triggering actions.

So you can choose when the animation should be triggered, which animation should be triggered and basically everything else!

Urgency Timer:-

Nothing says “urgent”, like an urgency timer! That’s simply what this feature gets you. Needless to say, it has some “advanced” tricks up its sleeve, something like:-

  • Letting you decide time outputs.
  • Redirection
  • Colour-Text customizer
  • Different timer combinations etc.

Offer iframer:-

If you’re not that great with landing page designs, or you feel it’s just better to have something like the original advertiser landing page, this feature is for you.

Take it to be a kind of “page copy’ feature in simpler words, you can iframe the entire original, official page, and add it to your own URL so that it looks as if your URL is actually the original, official page.

Apart from that, you’re getting additional options as well:-

  • Customize page title
  • Add your own affiliate or tracking links.
  • Direct download iframed pages.


It’s not a direct “wow, let’s buy this product” signal, but it surely gives you an edge over your competitors who aren’t making use of this feature.

This simple script from AffKit will make your user’s cell phones vibrate as soon as they land on your page, giving them a sense of professionalism, a connection which ultimately can be capitalized into conversion.

Advanced options include Delaying vibrations as well as setting more than just one vibration!

When to Cut Landers:-

It’s one of my own personal favorite features from AffKit. Simply because it’s like an A.I in itself.

It acts as a prediction tool, and a tester so as to which landing pages will work better and which won’t, which helps me determine the final landing pages I invest my ad-money and time on.

It uses the advanced Bayesian Statistical Model to predict results, which calculates performance in seconds for you and you don’t even need to install or download anything. Its as easy as punching in some numbers!

Break-Even Calculator:-

How would you love to have someone tip you information from the Wall street about a stock just before it skyrockets, or maybe takes a dive into the ground?

That’s almost exactly what this Break-even calculator does, the difference is, it’s legal, and it tips you about CPA and CPC instead of stock prices.

It’s like your own personal accountant, an A.I accountant to be specific. Here’s what it can do for you:-

  • Calculates the “profitable” amount of CPC you should be investing in a campaign.
  • Calculates your current expenditure as well as earnings.
  • Calculate Return on Investment
  • Calculate future expenditure as well!

And all that without having to install anything again, it’s all an in-built, browser-supported calculator on AffKit.

Sporadic Timer:-

It’s the more advanced version of a countdown timer, because you can use it for various purposes. I use it to show a message like “Please Wait! You can’t buy this product yet, as you’re number X in the queue”, and then the number counts down to a specific number.

If you’ve ever seen “wait for 10-9-8-7…seconds before you can download” messages, you know what I’m talking about.

They pour in the sense of “pause” in your visitors, and you’d be surprised what people would do to get what they think is being kept away from them!

Landing Page Protection:-

Landing pages being copied is an age-old digital theft we all have been victims of. I personally spend hours and quite a fat wallet on getting my landing pages designed.

And then some geek comes along, rips it up and takes it away with him for nothing! And honestly, there was no protection against it before AffKit as far as my knowledge goes.

AffKit gave me quite the assurance and one of the most “smart solutions” to the situation, and let me pass it over to you:-

  • Set Traffic Weight: –  Set how much of the original traffic the stolen landing page affiliate link should get.
  • Redirection: – Automatically redirect a % of your “thief’s traffic to your own affiliate link. Hence, its technically stealing from the thief!
  • Automatic “protection activation” if the page is hosted on any other URL than the one you preset.


I was gonna sum up this review, but then I noticed I haven’t talked about this yet, and that would be a “sin” on my part!

Because if you’re an Affiliate Marketer (Amazon specifically), or from any other platform which has and handles International traffic, it’s important for you to have it.

It’s a tool which makes sure, your traffic from country A lands on affiliate pages and products from country A and not Country F or Z.

A common scenario is, if you get American visitors on your Amazon affiliate site, and you’ve got Amazon India or UK links, you won’t make any commissions.

So I hope that clears the “importance’ part? Now here’s the “superpowers” part:-

  • Set customized “rules” for redirection.
  • Easy implementation using Javascript.
  • Supports all major countries! (238 to be specific!)

Final Verdict:-

So if you ask me for my Final verdict, all I can say is, I’ve discussed only the first few centimeters of the tip of the iceberg that goes by the name AffKit. As it’s not possible to cover the vast ocean of features it offers in such limited words!

And I’m pretty sure you’re already at least impressed if not in love with it (yet). So my advice would be that go out, try the tool for yourselves and then come back here to leave your feedback.